LC sausage casing


Collagen casing with lowered adhesion to mince; has properties easy removal from the sausage: recommended for forming cooked, cooked and smoked, semi-smoked sausages and smoked meats and sausages with vegetative additives.

Advantage of casing

— exceeds the natural casing on the elasticity, strength, bacterial purity;

— provides stability diameter of sausage products;

— steam-, gas permeability of the casing provides the penetration of the aromatic substances to the product during smoking, and saves products fragrance during all period of storage;

— the ability to heat shrinkage which helps you to retain the shape of the product during cooling and storage, excluding the formation of voids and broth swell in a sausage stick;

— allows you to get a taste of the traditional sausages, natural look of the product.


Types of collagen sausage casings: in rolls, sections, in the form of shirred tubes.

Casings diameters: 28,30,32,35,38,40,45,50,55,60,65,75 mm;


caramel (012)
pomegranate (022)
onion (052)
brown (063)
mahogany (072)
eggplant (032)
salmon (102)
smoke (112)
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