Advanced casing for frankfurters and wieners


Edible collagen casing, used for forming frankfurters and wieners with high strength characteristics for high speed production systems.

Advantage of casing

— exceeds the natural casing on the elasticity, strength, bacterial purity;

— provides stability diameter of frankfurters and wieners;

— steam-, gas permeability of the casing provides the penetration of the aromatic substances to the product during smoking, and saves products fragrance during all period of storage;

— does not require pre-soaking;

— edible casing in the finished product, “gentle”, has a nice natural “bite”


Edible collagen casing for frankfurters and wieners type Advanced diameter 13 – 32 mm produced in the form of shirred tubing length from 19 cm to 21 or from 26 to 29 cm.

Supplied in sealed packaging that protects casing from desiccation.

Casing can be supplied with a closed (CE) and open (OE) end.

For automatic equipment available shirred tubes with a closed end performed in two ways: manual knot (PAL) and automatic knot with casing looping (FAM).


caramel (012)
onion (052)
brown (063)
mahogany (072)
salmon (102)
smoke (112)
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